Posted on: March 19, 2020 / Written by: Brett Lunger

Why is President Trump reluctant to release his tax returns? Is he hiding something, or is there another explanation?

Many of my friends on the left are absolutely convinced that Trump is desperately trying to hide some nefarious and evil wrongdoing. They envision tax fraud, hotel deals in Moscow, payoffs to unwilling paramours …… the list is long and very, very juicy.

They are convinced that, once revealed, this dastardly crime will, at long last, drive Donald Trump from office and, hopefully, to a long term behind bars. The White House to the Big House in one quick move. Rachel Maddow can’t wait to say, “I told you so!”

My friends on the right firmly believe that their president has committed no crime, that he merely wants to avoid revealing his brilliant business strategies to those who would emulate his spectacular successes.

Could there be a plausible explanation which does not cater to either extreme? Might we find that President Trump’s desire to keep his returns secret is nothing more than a manifestation of a character trait that we have known all along?

What if his tax returns revealed that the size Trump’s personal holdings was far less than advertised, that he was not the successful businessman that he pretended to be? Remember, this is the man who bragged during the 2016 primaries that a certain body part of his was bigger than that possessed by “Little Marco Rubio.”

Donald Trump is obsessed with many things. Being “bigger” than those around him is near the top of the list. Perhaps his tax returns might show that he is not as big as wants us to believe.

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