Rush Limbaugh

Posted on: February 19 2021 / Written by: Brett Lunger

Rush Limbaugh is gone.  Love by my many and, yes, hated by many.  How will you remember him?  Love him or hate him? 


To many on the left he was the devil incarnate.  For more than forty years his radio presence touched on all the issues central to their progressive agenda And, of course, he seldom spoke with a perspective acceptable to them.  (Wait. That’s an understatement Change “seldom” to “never.”)  He drove them crazy. 


For those on the right, he was the bold voice of logic and reason, striving in a never-ending battle to oppose the forces that were hell bent on the destruction of America. 


The fact that he was able to ignite such passions of hate or love (take your pick, depending on your perspective) was truly remarkable. 


My own feelings are mixed. 


His championing individual initiative, personal responsibility (see my website *****insert link*****) and love of country resonated with me. 


But from a policy point of view, I found considerable reason to oppose his pronouncements.  Unrelentingly, he was absolutely committed to the fight.  For him, any fleeting thought that a liberal initiative had merit was to be scorned and rejected.  It was total war or nothing.  This confrontational stance, in my opinion, was not good for the country. 


Putting these conflicting emotions aside, there is one thing that I will forever remember and always cherish.  Rush Limbaugh loved his job.  Through success (his broadcast career) and failure (his brief stint as an NFL commentator), he brought genuine joy to every working day of his life. 


Would that we all could do that. 

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