Posted on: December 31st 2020  / Written by: Brett Lunger


  1. A) Leap out of bed each morning before 0600



  1. B) Then, before breakfast:


1) Run five miles 

2) Do 400 sit ups 

3) Read the New York Times & Wall Street Journal from cover to cover 

4) Solve Global Warming 

5) Negotiate peace for at least one war or two regional conflicts 

6-a) Raise $600K for Hillary’s 2024 election campaign 

(yes, she felt that 2016 was not valid; so she is running again) 

(or --- take your pick) 

6-b) Raise $600K for President Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign 

(yes, he felt that 2020 was not valid; so he is running again) 

7) Loose ten pounds 

8) Compose a symphony 

9) Write another chapter in the Great American Novel 

10) Leap a tall building in a single bound 



  1. C) And a final resolution:


11) Not feel guilty if you fail to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions 

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