Change happens

Change happens.  Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, powerful or helpless.  Nothin’ you can do about it.  Change happens. 

You are born.  From that moment on you will experience a series of changes, some good and some not so good.  One change after another until the final change.  You die. 

Does that mean you should resign yourself to the vagaries of change, that you should accept whatever fate is tossed your way?  Absolutely not. 

You have the power to manage the changes that will inevitably come your way, even if you do not know right now what those changes might be. 

As a teenager, getting your driver’s license is a big deal.  Before getting your license, give some thought to what that change will mean to you.  New freedom, yes.  But also new responsibilities that go with that freedom.  Also, new expenses…, gas, and maintenance.  How will you pay for those things?  These are big changes, but they can be managed if you plan ahead.  Manage the change. 

What about when you graduate from High School or College?  Big changes.  Your school schedule will no longer govern your every move.  That may seem cool, but it also has the potential to create hassles.  Don’t want that to happen.  Give some thought as to how you will plan your day.  Do that and you will make the most of each day.  Manage the change. 

A new job or a promotion at your current job?  Transferred to a new town?  Deciding to share your life with a special person?  All big changes.  And, yes, those changes will be challenging.  Think about them before they happen.  Manage the change. 

Change happens.  Some good and some not.  You can drift from one challenge to the next.  Sometimes you will get it right, sometimes not.  Random outcomes.  Or you can be proactive and stay ahead of life’s changes. 

You either manage change or it will manage you.  Your choice. 

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