Posted on: May 17  2021 / Written by: Brett Lunger

To wear or not? That is the question. Clearly, mass confusion reigned after the unexpected C.D.C. announcement lifting their nationwide mask mandate. New guidelines allow those who have been fully vaccinated to forgo the mask in most public places.


Okay, fine. But which public places? How many people? How do you confirm that the maskless person entering your store has, in fact, been vaccinated? There is no easy answer to these, and other, questions. Confusion and uncertainty.


Take the state of Minnesota for example. The day after the C.D.C. made its surprise announcement, Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order ending the statewide mask mandate. At the same time, Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, insisted that his city would continue to require face coverings.


Similar questions plagued other states. Some lifted the mandate, while others kept it in place.


Businesses, both large and small, were also grappling with this quandary. Should they insist that all employees wear masks? Should patrons be required to wear face coverings and be denied access to stores and restaurants if they refused?


Should Washington be held accountable for this troubling situation? Would it be appropriate to blame someone for what seems to be a clear lack of anticipation and leadership?


Strangely, no one is asking that question. During the forty-eight hours after the C.D.C. put out the new guidelines, not a single news outlet showed any interest in accountability. Yes, the media did cover the confusion and uncertainty sweeping the country. But not one mentioned accountability. The New York Times, the Washington Post, plus all the major broadcast networks…...not even a passing mention of who might have been responsible.


What would the news coverage have been if this had happened two or three years ago? What would the focus have been if Donald Trump were in the White House?

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